BESS Awarded Prizes

During the annual scientific meeting, the Education Committee judges every paper and poster and awards prizes according to strict criteria. Below is a list of our awards and the latest recipients details:

  • The Lipman Kessel prize - awarded to the presenter of the best paper.

(2016, Dublin) Reliability Of Glenoid Track Measurement For Shoulder Instability Schneider; Hoy; Taylor; Rotstein; Ek; Evans

  • The Ian Kelly prize - awarded to the presenter of the second highest scoring paper.

(2016, Dublin) Comparing Platelet-Rich Plasma (Prp) Injection With Surgical Intervention For The Management Of Refractory Lateral Epicondylosis. A Randomised Clinical Trial: Morgan; Trail; Watts; Talwalker; Nuttall; Birch

  • The Paul Calvert Endeavour prize - awarded to the presenter of the best paper from either a small institution or one with no established shoulder fellow.

(2016, Dublin) An evidence and consensus based protocol for shoulder USS safely but significantly reduces the demand: A prospective study: Gwyn; Thomas; Amos; Gunatunga; Connor; Pullen; Kulkarni

  • The AHP prize - awarded to the presenter of the best AHP paper.

(2016, Dublin) The use of Videoconferencing (VC) consultations in the management of Complex Shoulder instability - A Usability Study: Gilbert; May; Jaggi

  • The Poster prize - awarded to the best poster.

(2016, Dublin) Three dimensional movement analysis of the upper limb during activities of daily living in children with obstetric brachial plexus palsy(OBPP): comparison with healthy controls Mahon; Malone; Kierman; Meldrum

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